Hand woven baskets,  Mamba

Hand woven baskets, Mamba

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Enjoy our hand woven baskets, part of our commitment to sustainable initiative projects, all our woven baskets are made by woman as part of a woman's empowerment project in Uganda. These colorful decorative, can be used as wall hangings , table centre pieces , in the kitchen, bathroom , dining room, actually just about anywhere, quality and flexibility, right here, right now! 

Our ladies use  Raffia and banana stalk locally known as “bukeddo”to create these coiled woven baskets. Raffia which is a light fibre that is removed from a long palm-like leaf usually grown in the forests and the bukeddo is harvested from the banana plantations. Due to the length of Raffia ‘s it  is an ideal material for basket weaving and can be dyed into almost any color.

Banana trees are ubiquitous in East Africa and everywhere you go you will see people carrying bunches of the green peel bananas (matoke),which are a staple food. Bananas provide food while their trees provide raw materials for cooking and for craft making. The stems from the leaves are used within the basket while the fibre from the bark of the plant is used to create the exterior design of the basket.